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At Guilford Street Laboratories, a University College London (UCL) spin-out, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their research objectives. Leveraging machine learning-driven mass spectrometry, we deliver highly precise and sensitive biomarker assays, equipping clients with crucial data to propel their research forward. Specializing in the analysis of protein, lipid, and metabolite markers, our proprietary biomarker panels are crafted for a comprehensive examination of all relevant end-points. Whether your focus is on early disease diagnosis, drug discovery, collaboration as a partner in an EU Horizon consortium, clinical trials or personalized medicine, our team is here to help.

Science Lab
Science Lab

Our Vision

Comprising top clinicians and scientists from UCL, GSL is on a mission to elevate care for patients with rare, cardiac, and neurodegenerative diseases. By leveraging mass spectrometry's precision and supercharging it with machine learning, we're set to revolutionize 21st-century diagnostic testing. Join us in reshaping the future of healthcare.


Harnessing the capabilities of machine learning-driven mass spectrometry, we deliver exceptionally sensitive and precise biomarker assays. Our comprehensive services span the entirety of the clinical journey, encompassing drug discovery, clinical trials, diagnostics, and ongoing patient monitoring. Our expertise extends to the analysis of protein, lipid, and metabolite biomarkers, individually or in our proprietary biomarker panels. Contact us today to discuss your biomarker needs!


Latest News

Dive into the latest episode of RARE, featuring our very own CEO, Tomas Baldwin! Join him as he shares insights into our mission at Guilford Street Laboratories, revolutionizing diagnostics for rare, cardiac, and neurodegenerative diseases

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